Tessa (xtess) wrote,

Friends Only!


I decided to make my journal friends only, simply because I'm planning to use it for personal stuff.

If you'd like to be friends, simply reply to this entry with a reason why. It can be shared interest, or we might already know each other from around LJ.\

about me:
Tessa. 18 years young. from The Netherlands. I love football. Manchester United. Dutch National Team. Khalid Bouhlarouz. Nemanja Vidic. Sergio Ramos < my favorite players. I play tennis though. Which is just as nice, only very different.
I'm addicted to photoshop and everything around it. In the near future I want to be a graphical designer for a huge magasine, working hard atm to achieve that.
I like to watch: Wie is de mol. (most amazing thing on televion! it's dutch ) Gossip Girl. Veronica Mars. Supernatural. Project Catwalk. CSI!!!!. The Inside. Law and Order. Missing without a trace. 90210. One tree Hill and... as the world turns moment of shame
My favorite movie(s) is dirty dancing 1&2. These are just so amazing.
There's probably a lot more to know about me, but I guess you'll find that out anyways by being friends ;)

If you are here for my graphics, don't bother to friend me, instead join onlydreamers.

Here some example of my work:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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